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KLT ONLINE  August 2020

Senior Finals Results

18U County Cup Reports


We welcome stories about players, clubs, community venues, volunteers, opportunities, and any interesting features about something new, successful or momentous such as a club anniversary. Here’s how:

Write your news story. 300-400 words are ideal for the full story which will be posted on the Kent website subject to editing.

Include at least 1 photo. Ideally send in 2-3 photos.

Photos must be good quality:

If using a mobile phone send to your email account as ‘actual size’. When you submit your story attach your photo as a jpeg.

When taking photos take small groups or individuals rather than big groups that will not easily be viewed on phones and tablets.

Make sure you have relevant permissions for children.

Submission of your story and photos will assume this permission has been given.

Provide Caption /names for photos

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